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We’re all so busy! -Gone are the days when shopping meant long afternoons spent shuffling through the malls. Now you can spend 5, or 50 minutes if you so chose, looking at the exact items you want matched carefully and picked for you based on just a few simple keywords. And voila! Within a few days (sometimes mere hours!) the item arrives safely at your doorstep. Super easy, and you didn’t even have to leave the comfort of your office. But next time you’re about to click that order button, check out just before you check out- you could save yourself a nice percentage off, sometimes even free shipping, for most, if not all, of your favorite retailers. From big to small, just about everyone has a code that changes monthly on the site. – Liquor Wicks included! Click here to see our current online coupon codes and specials through RetailMeNot for our wide range of handmade products.

Already got the code, and want to get shopping? Check out our Captain Morgan’s Super Sale here or  our Repurposed Bailey’s Irish Cream Bottle Soy Candle that is now FINALLY back in stock!

And as always, Message Us HERE to have something made just for you!

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