Fresh Holiday Gift Ideas or Let us “Candle-ize” your bottle!

Fresh Holiday gift ideas, each year they get harder and harder to come by! What to do? What to do?

With the holidays and Christmas just around the corner, precious time for coming up with unique and personal gifts for each person on your list is slipping away! Liquor Wicks is here to help. Custom liquor bottle candles, made-to-order, and our intoxicating legendary fragrance options everyone is sure to love. Unique, reusable, and beautiful gifts for you and yours, made from your own special and sentimental bottles are the perfect way to say Cheers! this holiday season!

Have a special bottle you need “candle-ized?” Click here to message us now and get started ahead of the rush! The process is super easy; Just send in your bottle, confirm the details of your order with us, and voila! you receive a candle made from your special memory!

Already out of time? Check out our awesome selection of Beer Bottle Soy Candles here or our Candle Gift Sets  for a hand picked variety bundle that is sure to please a crowd!


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