Celebrate National Espresso Day with Liquor Wicks!

Wake up and smell the coffee! Today is #NationalEspressoDay- a beverage celebrated for its pungent aroma and awakening flavors. Did you know espresso has nothing to do with the bean itself, and everything to do with the brewing method used to make this cup of joy? And in fact, a regular cup of coffee has more caffeine content than an espresso? Strong tasting coffee actually has no more caffeine than weak-tasting coffee despite contrary belief!

national espresso day

To find your happy moment and take a coffee break anytime, try one of our re purposed cafe inspired liquor bottle soy candles with one of our legendary fragrances:

LiquorWicks Kahlua Coffee Rum Liquor Bottle Candle
LiquorWicks Bailey’s Original Liquor Bottle Candle
LiquorWicks Patron Cafe Coffee Liquor Bottle Candle

Dunkin Donuts is even brewing up a ton of prizes for those who tweet trivia using their espresso day hashtags! See details here: CBS News – National Espresso Day and here: Dunkin Donuts – National Espresso Day.

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