We have restocked some of our customer favorites, on our online store, just in time for the holidays. These sell out every year, so order soon! We’ll get them to you by the holidays, if you order soon!!

Fireball: https://www.liquorwicks.com/product/fireball-cinnamon-liquor-bottle-candle/

Captain: https://www.liquorwicks.com/product/captain-morgans-bottle-soy-candle/

Jager: https://www.liquorwicks.com/product/jagermeister-bottle-soy-candle/

Malibu: https://www.liquorwicks.com/product/tropical-malibu-rum-bottle-soy-candle/

Dr. McG: https://www.liquorwicks.com/product/repurposed-dr-mcgillicuddys-menthol-mint-flavored-liqueur-bottle-soy-candle/

Bud Light: https://www.liquorwicks.com/product/repurposed-bud-light-beer-bottle-soy-candle/

Miller Lite: https://www.liquorwicks.com/product/brown-glass-miller-light/

.. and many more. Visit our Online Store and click Liquor Bottle Candles or Beer Bottle Candles to view our in stock items.

Order today, these always sell out for the holidays.

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